Issue with comparing Aero Dyn with other Tools

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Issue with comparing Aero Dyn with other Tools

Postby Ravichandran.Baalaji » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:26 am

I was doing a comparative study of various blade parameters with different blade simulation tools along with AeroDyn (Standalone version).
The air properties (no wind shear), the rotor configuration (no precone, no yaw, no tilt, no pitch) , the blade geometry, the aerodynamic polars and the BEM iteration parameters (no 3D correction, prandtl tip loss activated, hub loss deactivated) are equal in all cases. I focused on the steady state case at one Tip Speed Ratio, giving a constant RPM and constant windspeed.

I used the results from bladed as the reference for comparison. I observe a jump in the AOA for Aerodyn for the root region of the blade would like to know what could be the reason. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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