Unable to access DTU 10MW FAST model

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Unable to access DTU 10MW FAST model

Postby Tiasa.Ghosh » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:47 am

Hello all,
I have recently started using FAST with v8 and getting starting to understand its working. I have experimented with the Testcases available with FAST package. According to my current project need, I would also like to simulate the 10MW DTU wind turbine. I have searched the forum and found threads where people are able to access the FAST files for the 10MW DTU wind turbine.

However, whenever I am trying to access the repository (http://dtu-10mw-rwt.vindenergi.dtu.dk), it says invalid user. I have registered as well, but can't seem to get into the portal. Is anybody else facing the same issue? Can anybody suggest what could be done?
Any kind of help is appreciated. :)
Best regards,

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