SWiFT benchmark kickoff meeting

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SWiFT benchmark kickoff meeting

Postby Pat.Moriarty » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:26 am

Hello all,

The SWiFT benchmark was released this morning via webinar. Slides can be found here. Detailed information on the benchmark and timeline can be found here.

Two questions arose during the webinar:

1. Deadline to sign up for benchmark? We would prefer people would sign up before the next meeting, Nov. 27, but we are open to including people up to the end of Phase 1.

2. Controller model included in the github repository? The important constants for a simple torque speed controller are provided in the FAST input file on github. We believe this will be sufficient, as all benchmarks are at wind speeds below rated.

Happy modeling an please post additional questions to this forum.

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