MLIFE -wind-wave joint distribution

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MLIFE -wind-wave joint distribution

Postby Kan.Zheng » Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:35 am

Yingyu.Xu wrote:Dear all

Recently, I have use MLife to do some research on fatigue analysis for FOWT. But I have some questions to consult you.
1.In my research, fatigue damage is calculated based on the wind-wave joint distribution (joint probability distribution function is obtained in formula format),
I want to know how can get binary file which is used in MLife?
2.If I want to output the result of rainflow counting, what should I do?
I'll be much appreciated to you if anyone help me!

Dear Jonkman

I have got same problem as above. I want to know how to set wind-wave joint distribution? Can you give me some advice?

Best regards

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