Tower base loads due wind effect

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Re: Tower base loads due wind effect

Postby Bonnie.Jonkman » Mon Nov 16, 2020 8:55 am

Is it possible that you are reading the Z component backwards from the .u file? The text files are written with Z this direction:

Code: Select all

             Y(1)    Y(2)  …  Y(nY)
Z(nZ)    |
Z(nZ-1)  |
…        |
Z(1)     |

I'd recommend applying the time shift to your own files, and comparing time histories at different points around the hub, e.g., compare points (0,0,HubHt+z) and (0,0,HubHt-z); perhaps do the same for (0,y,HubHt) and (0,-y,HubHt). You can also just look at the raw files to compare results. There are MATLAB scripts to help with this in the OpenFAST matlab-toolbox repository: ... /Utilities, or you can take a look at the scripts in the old TurbSim archive: ... r/CertTest.
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