The operation of Aerodyn14

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The operation of Aerodyn14

Postby Zhou.Lin » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:22 am

Dear Jason,
OC5 Phase III-OWT model-Jacket.rar
(2.88 MiB) Downloaded 119 times

I'm doing research a model of a jacket is OC5 - phaseIII - OWT project, I established the lower supporting structure in the SubDyn module, and established in ElsoDYN REPower 5 mw tower , I modified RNA of geometry size, and quality and moment of inertia of the corresponding REPower modified into 5 mw, but, blade I completely or use your NREL - 5 mw wind turbine, mainly airfoil aerodynamic performance and no change.
According to this, I built a model of oc5-phaseiii-owt-jacket in FAST.

I run two case first is regular wave, I simulated and the ability to run successfully, but the second case is steady wind+regular wave then,the program run error, an error results as follows,

Code: Select all

FAST (v8.16.00a-bjj, 27-Jul-2016)                                                               
Copyright (C) 2016 National Renewable Energy Laboratory                                         
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the "license.txt" file distributed with this
software for details.                                                                           
 Running FAST (v8.16.00a-bjj, 27-Jul-2016), compiled as a 32-bit application using single       
 linked with NWTC Subroutine Library (v2.09.00, 23-Jul-2016)                                     
 Heading of the FAST input file:                                                                 
   FAST Certification Test #21: NREL 5.0 MW Baseline Offshore Turbine with OC4 Jacket           
 Running ElastoDyn (v1.04.00a-bjj, 26-Jul-2016).                                                 
 Running AeroDyn14 (v14.05.01a-bjj, 25-Jul-2016).                                               
 Input values for DR(:) are not compatible with input RElm(:).                                   
 To make them compatible, please modify DR in the AeroDyn input file,                           
 .\5MW_Baseline/NRELOffshrBsline5MW_OC4Jacket_AeroDyn.dat, as follows:                           
 DR (Old) --> DR (New)                                                                           
        2.7333 -->        2.4534                                                                 
        2.7333 -->        3.0132                                                                 
        2.7333 -->        2.4534                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        4.3800                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        3.8200                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        4.3800                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        3.8200                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        4.3800                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        3.8200                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        4.3800                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        3.8200                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        4.3800                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        3.8200                                                                 
        4.1000 -->        4.3800                                                                 
        2.7333 -->        2.4534                                                                 
        2.7333 -->        3.0132                                                                 
        2.7333 -->        2.4534                                                                 
FAST_InitializeAll:CheckRComp:  Input values for DR(:) are not compatible with input RElm(:).   
 FAST encountered an error during module initialization.                                         
 Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR                                                             
 Aborting FAST.     

but I modified the value of DR into the new, and then run, can run successfully, but seems to be no convergence, program the following condition, this kind of situation was the first time I met, so wish to request your help.
Running AeroDyn14 (v14.05.01a-bjj, 25-Jul-2016).

Code: Select all

 Running InflowWind (v3.03.00, 26-Jul-2016).                                                         
 Opening InflowWind input file:  .\5MW_Baseline/NRELOffshrBsline5MW_InflowWind_12mps.dat             
 Running ServoDyn (v1.06.00a-bjj, 26-Jul-2016).                                                       
 Running ServoDyn Interface for Bladed Controllers (using Intel Visual Fortran for Windows,           
 Running HydroDyn (v2.05.01, 27-Jul-2016).                                                           
 Generating incident wave kinematics and current time history.                                       
 Running SubDyn (v1.03.00, 11-Apr-2016).                                                             
   Calculating Internal Modal Eigenvectors                                                           
 Timestep: 0 of 120 seconds.                                                                         
FAST_Solution0:CalcOutputs_And_SolveForInputs:SolveOption2:SrvD_CalcOutput:Running with torque       
and pitch control of the NREL offshore 5MW baseline wind turbine from DISCON.dll as written by J.     
Jonkman of NREL/NWTC for use in the IEA Annex XXIII OC3 studies.                                     
angle assumption violated in SUBROUTINE SmllRotTrans() due to a large platform displacement           
(ElastoDyn SetCoordSy). The solution may be inaccurate. Simulation continuing, but future             
warnings from SmllRotTrans() will be suppressed.                                                     
 Additional debugging message from SUBROUTINE SmllRotTrans(): 2.00000E-03 s                           
formWind_CalcOutput:GetWindSpeed:Height must not be negative.                                         
IfW_UniformWind_CalcOutput: Error calculating the wind speed at position (-2.44138E+17,               
-1.30325E+17, -2.58685E+17) in the wind-file coordinates                                             
SolveOption2:AD14_CalcOutput:AeroDyn was designed for an explicit-loose coupling scheme. Using       
last calculated values from AeroDyn on all subsequent calls until time is advanced. Warning will     
not be displayed again.                                                                               
SolveOption2:SrvD_CalcOutput:BladedInterface option was designed for an explicit-loose coupling       
 FAST encountered an error at simulation time 0 of 120 seconds.                                       
 Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR 

Aborting FAST.

The attachment is for my FAST model
OC5 Phase III-OWT model-Jacket.rar
(2.88 MiB) Downloaded 119 times

Thank you for your kindness ,and look forward to your reply!!!

Best Regards,

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Re: The operation of Aerodyn14

Postby Jason.Jonkman » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:16 am

Dear Zhou.Lin,

I have not reviewed your files, but the first error you received is answered in our FAQ:

The second error is clearly pointing to a numerical instability; which have been discussed many times on this forum. I would use "Search..." in the upper-right corner to see how others have resolved similar issues in the past. You may have a nonphysical input specified or it might just be as simple as your time step is too large.

Best regards,
Jason Jonkman, Ph.D.
Senior Engineer | National Wind Technology Center (NWTC)

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