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Requesting access to our forum.

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:58 am
by Marshall.Buhl

Note: these rules apply only to accounts on our forum. They do not apply to accounts on

There are two steps to creating an account on this forum: (1) register at ucp.php?mode=register and (2) send an e-mail as described below.

When registering, the secret answer that will allow you to create an account is buried in one of the messages below. This serves two purposes: preventing spammers from advertising here and testing you to see if you will read documentation before asking questions. I will not respond to an email that asks me for the secret answer, so please don't bother. I have found that scanning this thread has a low success rate for finding the answer--you actually have to read this stuff.

This forum is not for amateurs or advertisers. If you are just looking for a place to learn about wind energy, this is not the place for you. Anyone caught advertizing on our forums will be removed immediately and all their posts will be deleted. Please do not waste your time or mine trying to advertize on our forums.

If you are an experienced professional or college student involved in wind or water power and wish to become a member of our forums, please click on the Register link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

When choosing a user name, you must use your real name. We do not want people to post messages anonymously. Please use the form "Given.Family". For instance, my user name is "Marshall.Buhl". When my old friend, Jean Luc Picard, was on-planet recently, he made his user name "JeanLuc.Picard". If you are from a country where it is customary to have your family name (the name you have in common with other members of your family) first, please reverse the order so that your family name is last. For instance, my coworker, Li Ye (all his family members have Li in their name), chose "Ye.Li" for his user name. That tells me that I should address him as Dr. Li instead of Dr. Ye.

Capitalize the first letter of each part of your name. If you do not capitalize your user name correctly, I will delete your account.

Here are examples of valid user names:
  • Marshall.Buhl
  • Ye.Li
  • JeanLuc.Picard
  • JeanClaude.vanDamme
Here are examples of invalid user names:
  • marshall.buhl (not capitalized correctly)
  • marshallb (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just initial for last name)
  • mbuhl (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just initial for first name)
  • marshall (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just first name)
  • Marshall Buhl (space between names instead of period)
  • Marshall.BUHL (all caps for the last name)
  • Y.Li (just initial for first name)
  • JL.Picard (just initials for first name)
  • JeanLuc.P (just initial for last name)
  • Jean.Luc.Picard (having two periods prevents us from knowing whether to address him as Capt. Picard or Capt. Luc-Picard)
  • Bobbie Sue.Hatfield (spaces not allowed)
  • mary1234 (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just first name, numbers not allowed)
Because we get many access requests from spammers, we have decided to manually activate each new user. After you register, please send an email to Jason Jonkman ( with the exact phrase "activate account" for the subject (an email filter will flag it). Include the following information in the body of your message:

  • Forum Username: the properly capitalized user name you created (must be your name in the form "Given.Family")
  • Organization: your school, company, laboratory, or "self" if you do not represent any organization
  • Organization Type: Choose one of School, Industry, Certifier, Consultant, or Laboratory
  • Location: the country or US state you currently reside in
  • Involvement: one sentence on how are you involved in wind and/or water power
Here is what I would send:

Code: Select all

Forum Username: Marshall.Buhl
Organization: NREL
Organization Type: Laboratory
Location: US - Colorado
Involvement: I do turbine loads analysis and develop CAE tools to make that job easier

If you don't send an email, we will delete your account instead of activating it.

IMPORTANT: This is a test. I do not want people on our forums who can't follow simple directions.


Re: Requesting access to our forum.

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:25 am
by Marshall.Buhl

I sometimes get complaints from people who say that the registration system will not accept their passwords. The registration screen says that the "Password must be between 6 and 30 characters long, must contain letters in mixed case and must contain numbers." Here are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable passwords.



    Mypw (too short, no number)
    my01w (too short, no upper-case letter)
    MyPW (too short)
    MYPW01 (no lower-case letter)

Re: Requesting access to our forum.

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:04 pm
by Marshall.Buhl
Q&A spambot countermeasures:

The spambot countermeasures I put in place in March have dramatically reduced the number of spammers creating accounts. However, I suspect that some legitimate users are not reading this thread because they create accounts without following the rules. This prevents them from getting their accounts activated. That may be because they know the answer to the question. So, the new answer is now "Byte". The print is entitled "Number Crunching," but that is not the answer to the question.

If you just scanned through this thread looking for the answer and did not read and follow the instructions, your account will not be activated, so go back and read it before creating your account. And, don't forget to read the rest of the thread.

Re: Requesting access to our forum.

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:42 am
by Bonnie.Jonkman
Starting September 23, 2014, Bonnie Jonkman will be activating forum accounts instead of Marshall Buhl. Please send your emails requesting account activation to If you wait more than 30 days to send the email after you register, I will delete the account.

Re: Requesting access to our forum.

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:20 am
by Jason.Jonkman
Starting August 11, 2016, Jason Jonkman will be activating forum accounts instead of Bonnie Jonkman. Please send your emails requesting account activation to If you wait more than 30 days to send the email after you register, I will delete the account.