TurbSim v1.40 available

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TurbSim v1.40 available

Postby Bonnie.Jonkman » Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:17 am

Hello Design Codes Users,

TurbSim version 1.40 has been uploaded to the NWTC Design Codes web site.

Version 1.40 includes some changes to the summary file and to calculations of parameters in all the non-IEC spectral models. The calculations in the IEC models have not changed, nor are there any changes in their input files.

The two major changes for the non-IEC models are: (1) the spatial coherence has been updated to the reflect measured values as much as possible, and (2) the cross-correlation coefficient inputs have been changed to be the mean hub Reynolds stresses. These changes to the input parameters are explained in the updated user's guide.

If you compile TurbSim, be aware that the Fortran source files have been modified to remove all compiler directives. This change requires one additional source file for compilation, BlankModVKM.f90, but it should remove all of the compiler-specific code from the TurbSim source code.

You can download the new version at http://wind.nrel.gov/designcodes/preprocessors/turbsim/.


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