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  Through a subcontract with Airfoils Inc., NREL developed dozens of new airfoils intended for use with wind turbines.  A primary design requirement of the new airfoils was insensitivity to roughness. Field tests have confirmed the achievement of this goal for some of the airfoils.  Airfoils were designed for the root, primary, and tip sections of the blades.  Some are for stall-regulated turbines and others are for variable-speed and variable-pitch turbines.  They were also designed for a variety of turbine sizes.  The airfoils along with their design parameters and intended applications are listed in the table below.

NREL's S-Series Airfoils
AirfoilLocationThicknessRotor Diam.Design ReCl,maxComments
S801primary13.5%    Not recommended.
S802tip     Not recommended.
S803tip     Not recommended.
S804root     Not recommended.
S805primary13.5% 1.0E+61.181.18Replaced by S805A
S806tip     Replaced by S806A
S809primary21.0% 2.0E+61.00 Restrained max lift coef., docile stall
S814root24.0%20–30 m1.5E+61.561.51High max lift coef.
S815root26.0%20–30 m1.2E+61.461.40High max lift coef.
S816primary21.0%30–50 m4.0E+61.201.17Restrained max lift coef.
S817tip16.0%30–50 m3.0E+61.101.08Restrained max lift coef.
S818root24.0%30–50 m2.5E+61.681.61Restrained max lift coef.
S819primary21.0%10–20 m1.0E+61.201.16Restrained max lift coef.
S820tip16.0%10–20 m1.3E+61.101.06Restrained max lift coef.
S821root24.0%10–20 m8.0E+51.401.35Restrained max lift coef.
S822tip16.0%2–10 m6.0E+51.000.98Restrained max lift coef.
S823root21.0%2–10 m4.0E+51.201.16Restrained max lift coef.
S825primary17.0%20–40 m2.0E+61.441.37High max lift coef.
S826tip14.0%20–40 m1.5E+61.421.31High max lift coef.
S827primary21.0%40–50 m4.0E+61.000.99Restrained max lift coef.
S828tip16.0%40–50 m3.0E+60.900.89Restrained max lift coef.
S829tip16.0%20–40 m2.0E+60.700.68Restrained max lift coef.
S830primary21.0%40–50 m4.0E+61.601.57High max lift coef., quiet
S831tip18.0%40–50 m3.5E+61.501.48High max lift coef., quiet
S833primary18.0%1–3 m4.0E+51.101.13High max lift coef., quiet
S834tip15.0%1–3 m4.0E+51.001.02High max lift coef., quiet
S835root21.0%1–3 m2.5E+51.201.03High max lift coef., quiet

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