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  Please contact Ty Ferretti if you are interested in licensing NREL's airfoils for your turbine.

  Ty Ferretti
  Technology Transfer Office, M/S 5230
  National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  15013 Denver West Parkway
  Golden, CO  80401-3111
  United States of America

  Email:Ty Ferretti
  Phone:+1 (303) 275-4353
  Mobile:+1 (303) 919-6066
  Fax:+1 (303) 275-3040

You may also license the S830-S835 airfoils from either NREL or Airfoils Incorporated:

  Dan Somers
  Airfoils Incorporated
  122 Rose Drive
  Port Matilda, PA  16870-7535
  United States of America

  Phone:+1 (814) 357-0500
  Fax:+1 (814) 357-0357

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