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For copies of journal papers, etc, please follow the links. Please note that these may direct you to publishers' web sites that require a subscription to access. NREL publications may be available through the NREL publications database.

M4 and M5

  • A. Clifton, G. Scott, S. Schreck, J.K. Lundquist and N.D. Kelley (2013). Inflow Characterization at the National Wind Technology Center. Journal of Solar Energy Engineering.
    Peer-reviewed document that is the best document to use at the moment to reference the towers.
  • A. Clifton (draft). 135-m Meteorological Towers at the NWTC: Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Processing.
    PDF of a draft discussion of instrumentation and data processing for the new 135-m towers. This will be turned into an official NREL document in the near future.
  • A. Clifton (draft). An unofficial guide to data products from the NWTC 135-m Meteorological Towers.
    Regularly-updated PDF details how to interpret different data products from the NWTC towers.
  • "Lattice Tower Shadow Effect Investigation". GL-GH 800113-CAMO-T-01, GL Garrad Hassan.
    PDF report evaluating blockage effects due to the mast structure.
  • R. Worsnop, J.K. Lundquist, K. Friedrich and E. Kalina (2012). A Comparison of Remote Sensing and In Situ Boundary Layer Measurements. Poster, University of Colorado Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
    Student poster comparing microwave radiometer and tower (M5) data.

M2 (80 m)

  • A. Clifton and Lundquist, J.K. (2012). Data clustering reveals climate impacts on local wind phenomena. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. DOI: 10.1175/JAMC-D-11-0227.1
    Using data mining techniques to identfy the effect of climate oscillations on wind resources at the NWTC
  • K. Friedrich, J.K. Lundquist, M. Aitken, E. Kalina and R.F. Marshall (2011). Stability and turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer: A comparison of remote sensing and tower observations.DOI: 10.1029/2011GL050413
    Use of microwave radiometers and lidar to estimate atmospheric conditions, verified at the NWTC.
  • W. Johnson and Kelley, N. (2000). Design Specifications for the Development of the Initial Validation Software (Version 3.0) for Processing of NWTC 80-Meter Meteorological Tower Data. NREL/TP-500-27104, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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