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  High-fidelity analysis of fluid physics and structural response using Large-Eddy Simulations and FAST.

by Matt Churchfield and Sang Lee

SOWFA (Simulator for Offshore Wind Farm Applications) is a computational fluid dynamics solver based on OpenFOAM coupled with FAST which allows users to investigate wind turbine performance under variable atmospheric conditions.

The package includes:
  • Atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) solver
  • Wind farm solver with standard actuator line
  • Large eddy simulation (no temperature equation) with FAST actuator line
  • Wind farm solver FAST actuator line (beta version)
  • Specific boundary conditions class
  • Standard actuator line class
  • FAST actuator line class
  • Utility to set ABL IC's and BC's
  • Utility to change sampled boundary files to input files for wind farm upstream BC's
Sample Cases:
  • Precursor simulation of atmospheric boundary layer
  • Wind farm simulation of 48 NREL 5MW turbines using standard actuator line
  • Four NREL 5MW reference wind turbine using FAST actuator line
  • ABL simulation with 2 NREL 5MW turbines using FAST actuator line (beta version)

Online Webinar/tutorial (presented May 5, 2012)

download the following files from our server:

  • SOWFA on GitHub

    Please fill out user information before cloning the source code from Github. We use this information in order to allocate resources for supporting our software. 

  • SOWFA Archive (v1.0.1-alpha, 4.0MB,07-May-2012)

    This is an older archive of SOWFA. It contains the SOWFA source code. Currently, SOWFA is only supported for Linux operating systems. For more recent developments in SOWFA, please follow the link to the GitHub repository. 

If you want to refer to the SOWFA website in a report, here is a reference you can use:

NWTC Design Codes (SOWFA by Matt Churchfield and Sang Lee).  Last modified 14-March-2012; accessed 14-March-2012.

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