Participants' Documentation
(PDF 10.9 MB)
(Updated December 8, 2000)

Invitation (PDF 103 kB)
(Participant List Updated October 10, 2000)

Blind Comparison Overview
(PDF 320 kB)

Turbine Specifications for
Model Construction (PDF 704 kB)

Modal Test Movies and Results
   Operational Turbine
   Turbine without blades
   Tower Alone

Modal Test Summary (PDF 124 kB)

Instrumentation Specifications
(PDF 2.2 MB)

Output File Format
(Excel 1.13 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions
(PDF 1.85 MB)
(Updated October 30, 2000)

Publications (PDF 28 kB)

Blade Design Document (373 kB)

Science Panel Members
(PDF 21 kB)

Photographs (View Thumbnails)
   Field Testing
   NASA's 80x120' Wind Tunnel
   NREL Test Set-up
   Wind Tunnel Test
Updated August 4, 2000

Science Panel Meeting #1 Minutes
(PDF 37 MB)
(Members, minutes, conclusions, and
resulting test plan from meeting held
October 5-6, 1998 at NREL-NWTC)

Loads Analysis Document
(PDF 1 MB)

Stress Analysis Document
(PDF 2.5 MB)

Yaw System Stress Analysis
Document (PDF 1.2 MB)

Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment
Phase V Test Configuration
and Available Data Campaigns
(2-blade, teetered hub turbine;
constant chord twisted blades)

Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment
Phases II-IV Test Configuration and
Available Data Campaigns
(PDF 5.0 MB)
(3-blade, rigid hub turbine; constant
chord untwisted and twisted blades)

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